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Version History

01 Aug 2010 - Core Service v2.5.194 Reporting Tool v2.1.57
  • BUGFIX: Resolved compatibility issues with most recent SATA drives.
10 Feb 2008 - Core Service v2.5.168 Reporting Tool v2.1.53
  • BUGFIX: Fixed dhcore/dhreport communication problem causing dhreport.exe crash in some conditions. The BIG thanks to Henk de Jong from Netherlands who kindly helped us in problem investigation!
07 Feb 2008 - Core Service v2.5.164 Reporting Tool v2.1.47
  • BUGFIX: Fixed compatibility issues when run under Windows Vista. Now it works fine on Vista even under limited user account.
  • BUGFIX: When running under Terminal Services session the dhreport.exe was unable to communicate with core service. Now fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Problem with detecting some S.M.A.R.T. capable devices. Fixed!
19 Jun 2006 - Core Service v2.4.122 Reporting Tool v2.0.31
  • BUGFIX: Fixed incompatibility with recent Windows XP security update.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed AV error on Windows shutdown.
  • CHANGE: Log file is no longer erasing at program start. Log limit is 200kb.
21 Apr 2003 - Core Service v2.3.110 Reporting Tool v2.0.30 B5
  • BUGFIX: Sometimes program reset drive control settings after system re-boot. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Now program keeps last used temperature editing scale.
  • CHANGE: Added support for latest hard disk models.
11 Nov 2002 - Core Service v2.2.91 Reporting Tool v2.0.28 B4
  • BUGFIX: The temperature tray indicator removal problem (when user enters activation code). Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Sometimes program locks when user trying to resize one of the columns of Disk Details view. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Large disk (more than 128GB) capacity detection problem. Fixed!
04 Nov 2002 - Core Service v2.2.90 Reporting Tool v2.0.25 B3
  • BUGFIX: Problem with interpreting raw data of some IBM drives. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: The minimize button of Reporting Tool window does not work in some condition. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Minor changes in failure prediction algorithm. More accurate TEC date estimation.
  • CHANGE: Help file updated. Added detailed information about warnings generated by core service.
27 Oct 2002 - Core Service v2.1.88 Reporting Tool v2.0.23 B2
  • BUGFIX: Problem with autupdate infromation when Reporting Tool is running. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Control description was re-written and some spelling mistakes was fixed in GUI
25 Oct 2002 - Core Service v2.1.84 Reporting Tool v2.0.21 B1
  • FEATURE: Advanced drive temperature control! Now you can set temperature threshold when Drive Health should notify you about disk drive overheating.
  • FEATURE: Drive Health now correctly supports upto 20 IDE drives installed
  • FEATURE: Now reporting tool saves vertical splitter position.
  • BUGFIX: Control settings dialog allowed user to set zero as a disk polling interval. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect interpretation of raw data for some of disk drive models
  • BUGFIX: Problem with saving control settings on Win9x systems. Fixed!
21 Sep 2002 - Core Service v1.3.20 Reporting Tool v1.1.10
  • FEATURE: Added information about Hard Disk drive geometry parameters and supported modes/features.
  • FEATURE: Improved failure notification engine in Core Service.
  • CHANGE: Now main window can be closed by pressing ESC.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed problem with restoring mximized window at program start.
  • BUGFIX: Some drives were unable to report correct SMART status. Fixed!
28 Jun 2002 - Core Service v1.2.11 Reporting Tool v1.0.9
  • BUGFIX: Problem with reporting very close TEC on some new Western Digital drives. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect analysis of the attributes raw-data for some Maxtor drives. Fixed!
  • FEATURE: Added checksum control for the SMART data. The status of SMART data validity is displayed in the low-right corner of Drive Properties dialog.
1 Jun 2002 - Version 1.0 (build 8)
  • BUGFIX: The saving disk polling interval sttings dose not work. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Visual bug with incorrect attributes color set when you disable showing some attributes.
  • FEATURE: Now you can mark life-critical attributes by using "Mark Critical Attributes" swtich in "View" menu.
  • FEATURE: Another switch in the "View" menu "Striped Lines" allows you to turn on/off stripes in the attributes view.
  • FEATURE: Added help file (draft). We'll improve this help documentation in future versions.
  • CHANGE: Added registration scheme. Some of attributes are now disabled in unregistered version.
27 May 2002 - Version 1.0 (build 6)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect service installation on Winfdows 9x systems (service does not starts with Windows). Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Storing the Monitoring Start Date problem is fixed now.
  • BUGFIX: The procedure of Dangerous Changes detections was rewritten to be more sensitive with attributes fall.
  • CHANGE: The Drive pop-up menu now replaced with Drive Properties dialog.
  • FEATURE: Now you can adjust the drive attributes polling interval in Drive Properties dialog.
  • FEATURE: Added Common Control Settings dialog at "Drive" -> "Common Control Settings..." menu item.
22 May 2002 - Version 1.0 (build 5)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect C2h (Temperature) attribute interpretation in the Meaning column. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Frequent flickering of the attributes view window was fixed.
  • FEATURE: Added keyboard shortcuts for quick switching between disk drives by using Shift+F1 .. Shift+F12 and for calling the drive's popup menu by pressing Ctrl+F1 .. Ctrl+F12.
  • CHANGE: After the Reporting Tool is launched the focus now automatically moves to Attributes view window.
21 May 2002 - Version 1.0 (build 4)
Initial release

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